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Clarett OctoPre Downloads


Focusrite Thunderbolt Driver 4.9.3
Intel and Apple Silicon (M1). macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), 11 (Big Sur) and 12 (Monterey).
Release notes

This driver version supports both Intel-based and Apple Silicon (M1)-based systems running macOS 10.15 or later. Please see this guide to installing drivers on Apple Silicon (M1) systems.

Users of older operating systems should download driver 4.6.2 below.

Focusrite Control 2.1.4 (beta)
For Thunderbolt 1 and 2 systems only
Release notes

For installation and getting started information, please see this article. For compatibility information, please see our OS Checker.

Although this software has been tested internally, beta software may still contain some defects. Please only install this software if you are interested in testing the new features introduced in this update, and if you are willing to report the results (and any defects) back to us. We advise against installing any beta updates if you're using your Focusrite product on a time-critical project. If you have any problems, please contact Technical Support.

This version gives the option to install both the Clarett Thunderbolt driver (version and the Scarlett USB driver (version

Known issues:

  • Glitchy audio/enumeration issues when using Thunderbolt 3 connections via an adapter. Thunderbolt 3 is NOT yet supported.
  • Cubase 8.5 crashes after the save when closing down a project with MIDI tracks.
  • Driver installer optimisations.
Clarett Thunderbolt Driver 4.6.2
macOS 10.14 or older. Intel systems only. For newer versions of macOS and Apple Silicon systems please download the latest driver.
Release notes

This release supports the following devices:

  • Clarett Thunderbolt Range

Mac Only:

  • The driver for use with Clarett Thunderbolt devices is no longer included in Focusrite Control and must be installed separately.


Clarett OctoPre User Guide v2 English - EN
Clarett OctoPre Bedienungsanleitung Deutsche - DE
Clarett OctoPre Guia Del Usuario Español - ES
Clarett OctoPre Mode d'emploi Français - FR
Clarett OctoPre ユーザーガイド 日本語 - JA
Focusrite Control Clarett User Guide v2 English - EN
Focusrite Control Clarett Bedienungsanleitung - DE
Focusrite Control Clarett Guia Del Usuario - ES
Focusrite Control Clarett Mode d'emploi - FR
Focusrite Control Clarett Guida Utente - IT
Focusrite Control Clarett ユーザーガイド - JA

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